Mini-Putt 4

Published 2023-10-30

Welcome to Mini-Putt 4!

Choose from 3, unique miniature-golf courses, either by yourself, or with some friends, via local multiplayer!

  • Pete's Putt-o-Rama - A classic course inspired by the first 3 Mini-Putt games
  • Cosmic Golf - An intergalactic glow-in-the-dark experience
  • Spooky Putt - A horror themed course made just for spooky month!


PC Players:

Right-click and use the menu if you want to play in full-screen

Mobile Players:

Touch and hold for a few seconds to open the context menu if you want to play full-screen.

(Note, this may have issues on iOS where the whole screen drags when aiming, use at your own peril!).

PC & Mobile Players:

Click anywhere on the starting mat to drop your ball

PC players:

With your mouse, move the cursor away from the ball to aim, then left-click to putt.

Mobile Players:

Drag your finger away from the ball to aim, and release to putt.

Known Issues

On iOS devices, the sound doesn't seem to work right. You'll hear it start, then NOTHING. I'm guessing it's an issue with Ruffle that'll eventually get fixed, but who knows, I can't figure it out.

So why is it called "The Lost Holes"?

WAY back in 2006, @BrenTheMan and I were working on a cool little multiplayer server for Flash games (before either of us worked for NG). It ultimately had some problems, and hosting was a bit of an issue, so we ended up shuttering it.

Unfortunately, that meant the small handful of games and demos we build for it also stopped working and got pulled. One of those games was Mini-Putt Online, the 4th installment in the Mini-Putt series.

This game was online only, and the source code for it has just kind of been sitting around on an old hard drive for years. Until now. I decided to dust it off, and get it working as a standalone game with local multiplayer, just so it wouldn't be lost to the dustbin of history.

While I was in there, I fixed a few bugs, added some new audio, and made some tweaks so the game plays better on modern screens and mobile devices.

Because the game already had a cool horror-themed course, I really wanted to get it published before Halloween, and here we are!

I hope you older users get a kick out of seeing this game come back from the dead, and that you younger users enjoy experiencing it for the first time!

Special thanks to @RealMrSnuggles and @AlbeGian for letting me steal their music for this update!