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In 2013 I pioneered a style of video series that documented my newbie plant growing experiences and casual scientific observations. Over the next 2 years these early plant growing series grew in viewership to account for the bulk of my channel traffic, so plant growing will be my focus going forward. I also have animal, plant, and fungi videos with scientific editorial, as well as travel, scenery, hiking, art, and cultural videos, but most of those didn't appeal to the public save for some cute animal videos, so I will make changes to my video formats of these topics until I find something that has lasting appeal to new viewers. I have my vast video collection arranged in playlists for your viewing ease. Make sure to read the notes in the descriptions first so you can understand what's going on and my thoughts on the topics presented. Some of my videos have brief subtitles as the bottom to clarify what I'm saying or explain other salient points.

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